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Philosophy Foods provides national representation for artisan food producers.   We aim to build a platform in which like-minded, complimentary producers can share the costs, experience and networking when expanding their brands nationally.

Founded in January 2014, we began operations with two producers, O-Med Olive Oil and Aceitunas Losada, both located in Andalucia Spain.  Both products have sold very well in the areas of the U.S. in where they have been introduced.  It is our intention to replicate that success throughout the rest of the country one market at a time.   To do this we understand that it must be a partnership between all involved.  Our philosophy is to work methodically, giving support and training to distributor and merchant partners who believe in the product as much as we do.  We must ensure that the message of the producer flows through the supply chain along with the product.

In late 2014 we added a producer out of Chicago, Bee's Knees Food Co., making spiced nuts that pair with craft beers.  When we moved our headquarters to NYC, Regalis Foods, a leading truffle importer and crafter of fresh truffle infused products, was introduced to the Philosophy family. This year we added an east coast brokerage component, helping to build brands in our local market for Rustic Bakery, Beehive Cheese and Mieli Thun honey. We feel there are many other incredible producers, foreign and domestic, that have the ability to compete against the major brands in the marketplace but are looking for alternative channels in order to do so.  Together with our founding producers, O-Med and Losada, we are working to create that alternative and eventually begin adding other producers to the platform.  Please keep an eye out for things to come.



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Philosophy Foods is founded by David Yourd and Karrie Kimble.  The couple previously ran an import & distribution company in Chicago, JDY Gourmet, for 18 years.   From very humble beginnings JDY began establishing a reputation of having intense passion and knowledge of the products they represented.  That reputation translated into very rapid growth of the company.  In 2012, JDY was sold in order to take advantage of an existing infrastructure to facilitate that growth.  Dave and Karrie remained with the acquiring company for one year to oversee the transition.

Today Dave and Karrie’s focus is building specific producer brands through Philosophy Foods.   Their energy is as strong as ever and directed into a very pointed direction.  It’s an incredibly exciting time to be part of the specialty food industry.  With such demand and growth, the Philosophy principles feel it is extremely important not to forget the roots of the philosophies in which the industry was born.