O-Med Moscatel Vinegar

Variety grapes: Moscatel

Acidity: 6º

Origin of grapes: Lérida, Catalonia, Spain

Tasting Notes:   Made from traditional Mediterranean Moscatel grapes, this vinegar speaks to the attributes of the grape itself. You will notice floral hints on the bouquet. It has overtones of honey, peach, and other stone fruits.  Use this vinegar to upgrade salads or white meat braises.  Also extraordinary if you are following the new trend of using vinegars in cocktails.   

Recommendations:  Use this vinegar to upgrade salads or white meat braises.  Also extraordinary if you are following the new trend of using vinegars in cocktails.   

Packaging Options:

Glass Bottle: 250ML

Food Service PET:  2L plastic bottle



Omed vinegars are produced in the Schützenbach method, a traditional method that dates back over 150 years.  It is a slow method that accentuates the organoleptic traces of the vinegar vs. high production levels. 

Invented in 1823 by the German chemist Schützenbach, it follows a slow and careful process that permits the extraction of the best features of vinegar and its origin wine. It produces excellent quality vinegars and at the same time, it permits development and conservation of its aromatic and taste qualities.

The Schützenbach method consists of a cylindrical vessel filled with non compacting material which is divided horizontally into three sections. The upper section receives the wine, which trickles down through the main middle section that is loosely packed with inert material. These materials provide a large surface area on which acetic acid bacteria can become established and over which air is passed from below. The bottom section collects the vinegar, from where itis returned to the top of the same tank for re-circulation.  

Today most vinegar producers use the submersion method. This process, which is five times faster than the traditional Schützenbach, consists of a highly aerated stainless steel stirred tank reactor. Acetic acid bacteria grows in a suspension of very fine air bubbles within the fermenting liquid.  

Because of the  Schützenbach method Omed vinegars tend to be very balanced, not overwhelmed by acidity.  O-Med's goal is to taste the wine and its original qualities to the point where the vinegars are almost drinkable.  You will also notice the color of the vinegars, from golden white to intense red rather than the muttled colors you find from rapid submersion methods.   

Scientific studies have shown that vinegars produced in the Schützenbach method are less harsh and require shorter maturation time than the other methods. The result is a more full bodied vinegar with richer flavors. Taste one of O-Med's 6 vinegar varietals and see for yourself!


Philosophy Foods is the national brand representative for Omed Olive Oils and Vinegars. The Omed Moscatel Vinegar is available from our domestic inventory in New Jersey, by direct import from Spain, or from our regional distributors nationwide.