Molino la Condesa Arbequina EVOO

5 Liter PET

5 Liter PET

2.5 Liter Tin

2.5 Liter Tin

Variety olive: 100% Arbequina

Acidity: 0.3

Origin: Ácula, Granada, Andalucía, Spain

Time of Harvest: November

Tasting Notes: An elevated food service EVOO, Molino la Condesa has a soft taste, with hints of almonds and apple. Its aroma is reminiscent of fresh grass. This EVOO is slightly pungent with a light heat.

Recommendations: Use for finishing fish, salads, vegetables, and cheeses.  With its soft flavor it is great for use on fish, in baking, desserts and ice cream. Try sautéing to add complexity without overwhelming delicate dishes.


Packaging Options

55 Gallon Plastic Drum

Food Service PET: 5L

Painted Tin: 2.5L

Retail PET: 1L

Glass Bottle: 250ML




Molino la Condesa EVOO is produced by the same family as O-Med EVOO.   Production begins in the beginning of November immediately after the O-Med production is finished.  Juande, the millmaster finds the perfect blend of picual, arbequina, and hojiblanca olives.  Molino la Condesa is meant to perform for a wide variety of applications which is less specialized than the O-Med mono-varietals. Molino offers an extremely attractive price point while still being early harvest with spectacular organoleptic qualities.