Natural Zorzaleña Olives

Natural Zorzaleña Olives


Olive Variety: Zorzaleña Olive

Curing Method: Natural Brine Cured

Origin: Typical of Western Andalucia

Time of Harvest: August - October

Description: The name Zorzaleña originated from local wild birds “Zorzales”, that feed on the mature olives found in Western Andalucia. Zorzaleña olive trees are known for their strength and vigor; for  decades the Zorzaleña has been used to graft weaker varieties, taking advantage of its strong roots. Because of this process, Zorzaleña olives are rare and underutilized. When harvested, these olives are still in the middle of the maturation process creating a product with a homogeneous deep green color.

Serving Recommendations: Serve the olives with O-Med extra virgin olive oil. The oil will prevent the olives from drying and will complement the outstanding olive flavor.

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