Arbequina Olives

Arbequina Olives


Olive Variety: Arbequina Olive

Curing Method: Natural Brine Cured

Origin: Typical of Arbeca, Llieda, Catalonia. Also grown in Andalusia or Aragon

Time of Harvest: September / October

Description: Most of the production of this olive is destined for olive oil extraction due to its high oil yield (21%-25%) and it’s exceptional organoleptic characteristics.  These characteristics translate to table olives giving them a rich buttery flavor.  They are a small brown olive, unique to any other. 

Serving Recommendations:  Serve alone, drizzled with O-Med extra virgin arbequina olive oil.  Use to add color and flavor to a salad without overwhelming the dish.

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1 Gallon Jars/ 5lbs 2oz drained weight

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