Losada Empeltre Olives


Olive Variety: Empeltre Olive

Curing Method: Natural Brine Cured

Origin: Typical of Aragon

Time of Harvest: Mid November – Early December

Description: . The name empeltre derives from the Catalan word "empelt", meaning to graft. Grafting has been the usual method of propagation for this crop, as it is very difficult to root.  The empeltre is a ripe, black olive with a soft texture, juicy flesh, and sweet flavor.

Serving Recommendations:  The small size, naturally black color and ripe texture gives good variance for your custom olive mix.  Use as a garnish, eat alone, or marinade with pickled red onions to compliment the sweetness of this olive.

Packaging Options:         

1 Gallon Jars/ 5lbs 2oz drained weight



Natural Brine Curing

Aceitunas Losada is a leader in Spain when it comes to natural brine curing.  It is a procedure that exemplifies the philosophies of Losada.  This process best represents the true taste of the fruit.  You will notice slight differences in ripeness, a more natural color, and more character to this ingredient. 

In natural brine curing, the olives are brined in tanks within 24 hours of the harvest. The brine is simply sea salt and water along with small percentages of lactic, absorbic, and citric acid.  Natural Brine curing takes 9-12 months of curing vs. 3 months with lye curing.  


Conventional Lye Processing

The most common method of curing Spanish olives is done with a lye, otherwise known as caustic soda or sodium hydroxide.  After harvest the olives are soaked in the lye solution for about 12 hours.  The lye solution quickly takes out the bitterness from the olives by pulling out the oleuropein and phenolic compounds.  The lye is then thoroughly washed from the olives.   Afterwards the olives go into a natural brine to ferment  and the the natural sugars turn to lactic acid.   Since the lye debitters the olives so quickly, this process only takes 3 months to cure.  The olives ripen to a specific texture and vibrant color. 



For both curing processes Losada has developed a neutral brine, not overly salty or bitter.  Losada offers natural cure in all varietals and formats except for manzanilla and pitted gordal.  You can rely on our service team to help you select the perfect olive selection for your application.