Empeltre Olives


Empeltre Olives


Olive Variety: Empeltre Olive

Curing Method: Natural Brine Cured

Origin: Typical of Aragon

Time of Harvest: Mid November – Early December

Description: . The name empeltre derives from the Catalan word "empelt", meaning to graft. Grafting has been the usual method of propagation for this crop, as it is very difficult to root.  The empeltre is a ripe, black olive with a soft texture, juicy flesh, and sweet flavor.

Serving Recommendations:  The small size, naturally black color and ripe texture gives good variance for your custom olive mix.  Use as a garnish, eat alone, or marinade with pickled red onions to compliment the sweetness of this olive.

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1 Gallon Jars/ 5lbs 2oz drained weight

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