Lady Edison Boneless Country Ham

Lady Edison Boneless Country Ham


Features: Lady Edison ham is certainly an example of American terroir shining through on a grand stage. It is a unique Southern country ham, not a copy of an Italian proscuitto or Spanish Iberico. Lady Edison starts with the hind legs of a 3-way heritage cross of Berkshire, Chester White, and Duroc hogs that are pasture-raised in North Carolina without antibiotics or hormones by Animal Welfare Approved farmers. They are then cured and aged for 12-18 months by Rufus Brown.

Breed: Berkshire, Chester White, and Duroc cross.

Origin: North Carolina

Flavor Profile: Funk is the definition of this ham. Dry cured, but not smoked like other country hams. The extremely marbled pork along with traditional curing processes in North Carolina gives Lady Edison an intense taste that highlights the “funkiness” of this product. 

Purchasing Options: 12-15 lb. boneless legs.

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