All distributor inquiries may be directed to davidyourd@philosophyfoods.com.  In today’s competitive environment we understand that customer support is often as important as the product itself.  It is our philosophy that the producer and distributor must work together to make sales of any product line a success.   Be assured that your distribution of our products will be accompanied by a customized sales support program for your team. 

Products will be available by direct importing or from our producer's inventory located at our New Jersey warehouse.  By having domestic inventory we hope to supplement importers own supply as needed as well as service those distributors who do not import directly from Spain.   




Standard pricing will be quoted F.C.A. to port unless other shipping arrangements are required. O-Med and Losada are located 223Km from each other in Andalucia, Spain.   This affords the opportunity to combine a shipping container at one of the facilities eliminating consolidation fees.   All product is packed to order, therefore we kindly ask for a 3 week lead time before product is to be received at port.




Products bought from our New Jersey warehouse will be quoted F.O.B.  We request a 3 business day lead time for domestic pick up orders.   O-Med and Losada will be stocking all staple products.  Special orders will be included on the next shipment.   There will be no additional raw product price mark up for domestic purchasing other than our own transport costs.