About Bee's Knees Food Co.

Chris Ferguson

Chris Ferguson

Bee's Knees Founder, Chris Ferguson was traveling throughout Australia in 2011 when two amazing nights inspired Bee’s Knees Food Co. One evening involved incredible pairings of Spanish tapas with a variety of wines. The second night involved one of the oldest pubs in Sydney, a number of beers & discovering the Ploughman’s Lunch – the “perfect appetizer”.

Chris thought, “Why can’t we have bar snacks that are high quality and go well with craft beers in America? Why can’t we make snacks for a party that are full of flavor?”

He was sick of stale pretzel sticks and plain peanuts. The only thing they have going for them are salt. What about spices? What about awesome flavors that come from Mexican, Asian and Indian cultures that all go well with beers?

After taking some time to get our peanut recipes just right, Bee’s Knees Food Co. launched in the summer of 2011 with our spicy peanuts. Our first delivery was to The Map Room, which is the most amazing beer-centric bar in Chicago (in our humble opinion).

We continued to knock on doors of bars all over Chicago, slinging our snack food. After getting into a number of taverns, we were asked to sell our product in retail stores, theaters, breweries and even offices.

Today Bee’s Knees is taking the show on the road.  Teaming up with Philosophy Foods to introduce these products to the most distinguished outlets throughout the country.  Chris enjoys making food for people that pair well with good beers & will continue to do so in flavorful ways.